77 Bombay Street

77 Bombay StreetFrom left to right: Matt, Joe, Esra and Simri. Together, the four brothers form the Swiss band 77 Bombay Street. They’re called 77 Bombay Street because they lived for two years in Adelaide, Australia and their house was situated in the Bombay Street, number 77. So far they’ve released two albums and they’ve managed to create their own musical universe: it’s joyful, colourful and happy. Listening to Up in the sky and I love Lady Gaga makes you want to dance and sing along all the while with a big smile on your face. I contacted them two weeks ago and Matt kindly agreed to answer my questions so wait no more and enter 77 Bombay Street’s universe!

What memories do you keep of Adelaide and of Australia?

We keep very beautiful memories. We did a lot of sailing and singing, playing football and travelling. It was really hot in summer and we loved it. We miss the sea as well.

Your second album is called Oko Town. Any chance you might give us a clue about what or where is Oko Town?

Haha, it’s somewhere in Simri’s brain. He’s got some really funny stuff up there :-)

What are the advantages of being a band of four brothers?

We are more than friends: we are a family ! And we know each other really well.

And the disadvantages?

The same. It can be a problem when you know each other too well and it’s not as exciting as when you get to know someone new.

Do you each have “designated roles”?

Yes: Joe does all the financial stuff, Simri does a lot of production/mixing and Esra the graphics and the website. And Matt is the big boss :-)

You’ve done the first part in Bastian Baker’s concerts and he has done the first part in yours. Is there a musical collaboration to be expected between him and you?

So far we haven’t written a song together but I hope that some day we can work together on a project

While on tour with Bastian Baker in France you crashed some of his shows. Has he taken revenge yet?

No, he is afraid of us because we are really strong and hit back hard :-)

Is a 3rd album on his way? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Yes, we are busy writing new songs and we’ve got a feeling it will be fantastic! Every album is a new and great challenge.

Where would you dream to play a concert?

In the jungle or in the desert or on a sailing boat. We’d love to play somewhere in the middle of nature.

What are your most priceless touring experiences?

We have a lot of very good memories, especially of the tour with Bastian. The funniest things happened after the show in the hotel or on the tour bus, but they are top secret :-) What happens on tour stays on tour :-)

Here is their Facebook page if you want to be up to date with their whereabouts!

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  1. Awesome interview, it was a pleasure to read it. :)
    I really like how you presented the band, it’s exactly the same way I feel about them and their music! They’re very kind persons and their songs can literally bring you in another world, a peaceful one (and God only knows how much people need this kind of peace once in a while…!).
    Let’s wait for the next album, it’s gonna be special for sure! :)

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